Thursday Dec 14, 2017

Manager's Note

In the Name of God


With the development of global trades and promotion of cargo transaction chains, maritime transport has won a large portion of this market as a relatively safe and economical mode of cargo transfer. The excellent transit condition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region has therefore helped the formation of a major and significant sea port on the east of Mazandaran Province. After extensive studies and considerations on the local and regional advantages, the executive operations for constructing Amirabad Port were completed in the year 1996, and within a year afterwards, the potentials and capabilities of that unique area were recognized as the Amirabad Port Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the Supreme Council of Iran's Free Trade, Industrial and Special Economic Zones.

At the time being, the Amirabad Port SEZ is the youngest and only 3rd generation sea port of the country that extends for 1,060 hectares, and utilizes modern and advanced equipment to facilitate loading and discharge operations. As a link between domestic productive industries and the growing maritime endeavors of the country, this port can also play a significant role in providing a sustainable environment for domestic and foreign investments in the hinterlands, as well as coastal and offshore industries in order to further promote maritime trades.

Holding cutting-edge facilities and international quality management certificates, the Port of Amirabad enjoys a unique position on the transit passage from north to south, for the facilitation of maritime trades and sea-based approaches. For this purpose, promotion and simultaneous strengthening of fundamental parameters and achievement of global standards are considered as the main objectives for updating knowledge and experience, and developing structures.

The Amirabad Port Complex attempts to employ excellent operational capacity, modern port and maritime technologies, and motivated and energetic human force in order to provide an appropriate welcome to cargo owners, domestic and foreign investors, and port and maritime operators.


Ali Khedmatgozar

Amirabad SEZ and Port & Maritime Director