Tuesday Sep 25, 2018


Duties of Safety and Marine Environment Protection Department

1.     Managing, supervising and conducting PSC inspections on vessels entering the waters under coverage;

2.     Managing, supervising, operating and conducting hydrographic operations in Mazandaran Province, and northern Iranian ports in general;

3.     Managing and supervising maritime search and rescue operations

4.     Managing the MRCC;

5.     Managing, supervising and conducting oil and miscellaneous pollution response at sea; and

6.     Coordinating joint operations with adjacent authorities in order to optimize oil pollution response at sea under the Provincial Contingency Plan.


The Ports and Maritime Organization is the maritime administration of the country, responsible for implementing and enforcing the regulations of the International Maritime Organization and International Hydrography Organization (IHO).

In order to facilitate the navigation of vessels visiting the port and improve dredging operations, a team of efficient, experienced and knowledgeable experts conduct hydrography over the covered areas, ports and anchorages, using modern and advanced equipment. The Hydrographic Section also serves to promote safety of navigation by determining channel bed and international waterway conditions, and publishing charts in standard scales.



1.     Echo sounder: Ceescpoe 200

2.     Sound Velocity Sensors: Valeport

3.     Software: Hypach 6.2

4.     GPS: Ashtee Proplex 800

5.     Hydrographic boat


Instruments and References

1.     Uniform Cartography Guideline (Vol. 7: Hydrography), Issues 117-9;

2.     IHO Standards for Hydrography Surveys; and

3.     Hydrographic Dictionary