Tuesday Sep 25, 2018


Place of Safety Plan; Marine Tourism Facilitation Plan; SAR Assistants Plan; SAR Provincial Plan; Quick Response Team Plan


1.   Place of Safety Plan

Considering the ratification of Iran to the International Search and Rescue Convention (SAR), and the entry into force of its provisions for the Parties, as well as the amendments to Chapter III of the Convention regarding the provision of places of safety to people in distress at sea in July 2006, the Ports and Maritime Organization feels the obligation to this issue. A place of safety is a place for temporary accommodation of the survivors from a maritime accident, where appropriate conditions, including food, clothes and medical services are present.


2.   Marine Tourism Facilitation Plan

Considering the increasing number of marine tourists and diversity of marine amenities in the coasts of the Caspian Sea, as well as the existence of recreational centers in the covered area, the need for preparing a plan for coordination of the organizations relevant to marine tourism is highlighted in order to promote safety as the most important objective of the mentioned plan.


3.   SAR Assistants Plan

Cooperation among different maritime units plays a significant role in assisting search and rescue units for rescuing distressed vessels and the people on board them. The vast area navigated by vessels and the possibility of accidents requiring search and rescue operations dictate the need to exploit the capacities and potentials of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to promote safety at sea as a crucial parameter in realizing this objective, and the grounds for the development of this plan.


4.   SAR Provincial Plan

The need to establish a comprehensive maritime search and rescue system in the province, with the participation and cooperation of all relevant entities, seems inevitable for assisting people and vessels in distress at sea. As a result, and considering the growth and expansion of maritime industries in the Caspian Sea, and the need to follow national and international requirements, a SAR Provincial Plan is being developed to provide for assistance at the shortest time possible during maritime emergencies.


5.   Quick Response Team Plan

In line with implementation of regulations at various national, regional and international levels, and the Plan for Qualitative and Quantitative Promotion of Maritime Search and Rescue Services, and in order to minimize and respond to maritime emergencies in Iranian waters using the plans and guidelines available in this respect, Amirabad and other Iranian ports have commenced developing a plan for Quick Response Teams, composed of expert personnel capable of providing services in adverse sea conditions as quickly possible in distress situations. The team generally includes masters, and divers, as well as rescue and paramedical personnel.