Tuesday Sep 25, 2018

Maritime Rescue Coordination Center


In order to establish an internationally coordinated system for search and rescue of people in distress at sea, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) in 1979, which entered into force in 1985. This convention describes the structure of maritime rescue coordination centers (MRCCs), coastal coordination procedures and the means for cooperation of neighboring States for SAR operations at the regional level. Considering the location of this country and the requirements of the above mentioned convention, the establishment of MRCCs seems necessary for assisting people in distress at sea and conducting SAR operations.

For this purpose, the standard and strategic MRCC in Amirabad Port covers a wide expanse of the Iranian waters, and uses modern telecommunication equipment to receive distress alerts from vessels in emergency conditions, and provide SAR and telemedical services to seafarers on a 24-hour basis.

It must be mentioned that the MRCC organizes, plans and coordinates operations in its covered area through specialized maritime search and rescue software and hardware.   

Contact Information for Amirabad Port MRCC

Telephone:                                                          +98 1134 512233, 623501, 623511

Fax:                                                                     +98 1134 623501

Maritime Emergency Services Code:                  1550


SAR Vessel

Name:                                      Naji-1

Net tonnage:                             15 tons

Gross tonnage:                          50 tons

Width:                                      4.70 meters

Draft:                                       2.50 meters

Length:                                     19.10 meters

Engine power:                           2 × 603 horse power

Vessel type:                              Search and Rescue Vessel

Class:                                       Asia Classification Society

Aids to Navigation:                     radar, GPS, echo sounder, chart plotter, gyro compass

Telecommunication equipment:  AIS, LRIT, SSB-VHF-DSC


SAR Region

The area covered for search and rescue operations by Amirabad MRCC extends from Eastern Livan in the east to Chapakrud Juibar in the west.

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