Tuesday Sep 25, 2018

Amirabad Port Control

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Providing communications for vessels and their agents in different routine, emergency, distress, safety and medical cases;

-          Monitoring safety and distress channels and frequencies defined by international regulations and publications (List of Coast Stations) on a 24-hour basis;

-          Receiving and relaying information observed by vessels to relevant authorities;

-          Maintaining order, silence, and control over radio traffic during search and rescue (SAR) operations;

-          Controlling entry and exit of vessels in the access channel, according to international maritime regulations;

-          Cooperating in the operation of radio transmitters and receivers;

-          Pursuing, considering and collating information on vessels navigating in the area covered by the Automatic Identification System (AIS); and

-          Testing quality of radio systems installed on mobile marine stations, such as vessels or platforms, after coordination with radio stations and VTS centers, and recording the measures taken in relevant log books.

The Amirabad Port Control was established and inaugurated in the year 2003 on the second floor of the Port and Maritime Building, in order to provide radio and telecommunication services, and monitor and coordinate vessel traffic in the area under the coverage and jurisdiction of the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) and the Amirabad Port SEZ.

  Telecommunication Equipment and Frequencies

 Stations Details


Amirabad Port Control


Latitude: 36˚51´09.28″N

Longitude: 53˚21´47.49″E


Call Sign


MMSI Number



+98 152 5462019


+98 152 5462020




Working Channel on VHF Band

8, 12, 15, and 16

  Equipment: Navtex Receiver, AIS, VHF DSC, LRIT, VHF, internet, weather map system, fax and telephone.