Tuesday Sep 25, 2018

Memoranda of Understanding

In order to establish a uniform mechanism for conducting PSC activities, memoranda of understanding are concluded among the countries located in certain regions, with the following objectives:

1.     Exerting precise and coordinated supervision over navigating vessels;

2.     Providing comprehensive information about technical and safety conditions of vessels visiting the ports; and

3.     Preventing the operation of substandard vessels in waters and ports under the jurisdiction of that PSC regime.


The major port State control MOUs around the world are:

1.     Indian Ocean MOU, concluded among Australia, India, Iran, South Africa, Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Mauritius, Oman, Yemen, Bangladesh, Maldives, Comoros, Mozambique and France;

2.     Paris MOU;

3.     Tokyo MOU;

4.     Mediterranean MOU;

5.     Caribbean MOU;

6.     Abuja MOU;

7.     Black Sea MOU;

8.     Riyadh MOU;

9.     Viña del Mar MOU;

10.   United States Coast Guard.