Sunday Apr 5, 2020

Dredging operation

Dredging is defined as digging , extraction , and transfer of mud and sediment of the sea bed resulted to deepen and make a safe shipping channel to the port. Dredging is divided into two types of construction and maintenance. Dredging operation must be carry out continuously after port construction to maintain the waterway. It depends on various factors such as sea bed type, sedimentary flows of the region, current and rivers and offshore constructions around the port. Dredging is done by hopper suction dredger in the ports.


Dredger vessel of Amirabad port

Khazar dredger vessel is a type of hopper suction and its function is the maintenance of shipping access channel. The depth of Amirabad shipping channel is more than 6 meters at lowest level of Caspian sea level. Regarding to ship’s draft in Caspian sea(4.60 m), this port has safe waterway for ship traffic.


Monitoring system of dredging operation

Port dredging supervisor carry out modern and professional dredging monitoring system to increase the efficiency of dredging operation. operation of dredger vessel be carried out based on up-to-date hydrography map so that position and motion of of dredger vessel on the map of hypack software and the master guides the dredger to the shallow and risky points that shows the depth in the software, which resulted to much higher efficiency of operation through prevent ineffective dredging, saving on dredger running cost, reducing dredging time. All these operation are supervised by port supervisor in the office and he can observe moment amount of dredging, dredger position and her maneuver and dredged points at any time and so on.