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PMO/Introduction/Port introduction

Amirabad S.E.Z  port  is located in  the east  of   Mazandaran   Province 51 km from  the center  of  province. This  port with    1060 hectare  logistic   lands, multimodal    transport infrastructure,  rail Ro-Ro , truck  RO-RO  perform  national  & international  role to cargo  transit  and   direct   transport   and easy  accesses  to  C.IS consumer   market  with  population more  than 300  million  people.

 Amirabad S.E.Z  Port as one  of the symbols  of  Iran orientation   to cargo  transit and  creation  of  basic transport   infrastructure in order  to achieve  global  standards  and use of maximum  transit  capacity   plays  an important  role   in the north of country including    foreign   currency  earning,   employment, attraction  of  foreign and domestic  investment,  , increasing   the  role of  Islamic  Republic  of Iran  in  Caspian  Sea     and   creation  of  transit corridor.


 The construction  of this modern  big port complex began in 1996,Because  of its   potential  abilities  and numerous  facilities. This  port has been  approved  as  a Special  Economic  Zone in 1997 by  the secretariat  of  free zone high  council. After five years of efforts,   the first sign of a large port realized  and   the emergency phase of  the port was  inaugurated  by  Dr.Dadman (Late minister  of road & transportation) in  Apr.2001.


The most Important features of Amirabad Port

  • · The biggest third generation port in Caspian sea
  • Only northern port of Iran that connected to the rail network
  • Rail Ro-Ro jetty
  • 15 berths with 7.5 million ton nominal capacity
  • 1060 hectares of logistic lands for different investment
  • Modern Port & marine equipment
  •  Grain pilot port in north of Iran
  • Main connecting link of North-South into transit corridor (INSTC(

Amirabad port as a third generation port of the country

Amirabad S.E.Z Port as a largest port in the Caspian sea region and third generation port to the country has opened a new horizon resulted to economic flourishing in North of I.R of Iran. Amirabad port is one of successful port to attract private sector investment. Vast logistic lands (1060 hectares) with infrastructure facilities , economic advantages due to legal benefits of special economic zone and added value tax exemption provide a suitable and safe place for domestic & private sector investors.


Port geographic information and type of access to the port (Km)

Port geographic information and type of access to the port


Jetties particular
No Jetty Number Length (meter) Depth (meter) Draft Capacity (ton) Purpose
1 No. 1 1 107 6 4.65 6000 Grin
2 No. 2 (Truck Ro-Ro) 1 188 6 4.65 6000 Multi purpose
3 No. 3-6 4 650 6 4.65 6000 Multi purpose
4 No. 7 1 220 6 4.65 6000 Multi purpose - Oil
5 No. 8-9 2 360 6 4.65 6000 Multi purpose - Oil
6 No. 10-13 4 575 6.5 5.20 6000 Multi purpose
7 No.14 (Rail Ro-Ro) 1 300 6.5 5.20 6000 Rail Ro-Ro
8 No. 15 1 250 6.5 5.20 6000 Multi purpose


Cargo storage area
No Warehouse/storage Area Area/Capacity
1 warehouse 7 hectares
2 Open Storage area 200 hectares
3 Grain silo 170000 ton
4 Oil product tank farm 16200 m3
5 Veg. oil tank farm 5000 m3
6 Total area of port 1060 hectares


Yard equipment
Gantry Crane

Rail Crane

Mobile harbor Crane

Yard Crane

TRG Grain unloader Reach stacker Forklift loader Towing truck Tractor Diesel generator Total
2 6 6 7 0 13 1 12 5 20 16 3 91


Marine equipment

Marine equipment

North- South transport corridor(INSTC) as a suitable option for business relation between Asia and Europe

Following to the modification in the Asia- Europe corridor transportation ministers of European countries introduced another corridor for business relation between Asia and Europe continents that connects transit links of North Europe countries, Scandinavia and Russia through Iran with Indian ocean countries, Persian Gulf and south east of Asian countries.
New corridors is called North- South corridor that connects business relation and transit activities of north Europe, Scandinavia and Russia to other European countries through Iran an Iranian ports in Persian Gulf to Indian ocean countries &south-east Asian countries. Large part of Asian & European countries can transport their cargo through North-South transport corridor. Before establishing of North- South corridor , merchant and cargo shipper used sea and free waters to transport their cargo to central and northern Europe and Russia. In this way cargoes transport from Indian Ocean, Oman Sea , Aden Gulf, Red sea and SUEZ Canal to Mediterranean Sea . The goods whose their destination are Russian or Ukraine, transport to odyssey port through Black Sea and the goods whose their destination are north Europe and north Russia are transported through Gibraltar straight, Atlantic ocean , Manche Sea and Baltic Sea. This way of transport between Indian Ocean region and north Europe is very time consuming and costly so that using of North-South transport corridor can resulted is significant time and freight saving between these countries.

Important features of north-south transport corridor

An important feature of North- South corridor is time and freight saving. Asian & European countries can transport their cargoes at twice speed in North- South transport corridor compared to Suez Canal. This corridor is more important for Asian and Europe continents because of creation of new countries in C.I.S and new global markets in Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf. At present most important and suitable part of North-South transport corridor passes through Iran. This corridor begins from Mombay port in Indian Ocean and connects to Bandar Abbas in South of Iran and dispatched to northern ports of Iran through road and rail network and then will be transported to Astrakhan or Lagan ports of Russian country. After completion of Astara-Qazvin rail-way building , rail and road access to Caucasus & Russian countries.
Freight rate of transit goods between Indian ocean and north Europe countries is cheaper than about 30% compared to traditional routes. South east Asian countries,C.I.S , the Middle East, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf and north European countries can join this multimodal transport corridor and enjoy the benefits of fast and cheap goods transport. One of important benefits of this corridor is numerous inter-sections with different corridors between C.I.S And Europe including TRACRCA and ALTID.

Marine equipment

Amirabad Port at a glance :

Land Area: 1060 hectares
Berth: 15 berths about 2600 meters
Annual Capacity : 7.5 million tons
Draft : 6 meters
Cargo storage area : 200 hectares
Cargo worehouse : 6.5 hectares
Internal rail network : 25 km

Marine equipment

Port of Neka

Port of Neka has been operated since 1995 with berthing of first tanker ship to the jetty of Sadra shipyard company. Strategic position of the port in the Caspian Sea increased its important in recent years. Neka oil port as a largest oil port in north of Iran affiliated to Amirabad S.E.Z Port, plays an important role to supply crude oil for domestic refineries, crude oil Swap and transit of oil products such an: petrol, gasoline , … . Swap operation of crude oil carry out from khark island oil port in Persian Gulf that through this way oil shipment transfer to anywhere of the world.
This port is located beside North oil terminal, North drilling company, khazar oil company, Sadra shipyard company and Neka power plant. This port handles marine operation of the tanker vessels and with using of marine national and international laws and regulations supervise of marine operation ,safety,health,marine environment protection, and also emphasizes the enforcement of Iran’s marine law , international marine treaties and conventions to improve maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution by ships.

Neka port has 5 jetties now and will be increased to 13 jetties after completion of development phase.

Marine equipment