Monday Mar 30, 2020


Amirabad S.E.Z  port  is located in  the east  of   Mazandaran   Province 51 km from  the center  of  province. This  port with    1060 hectare  logistic   lands, multimodal    transport infrastructure,  rail Ro-Ro , truck  RO-RO  perform  national  & international  role to cargo  transit  and   direct   transport   and easy  accesses  to  C.IS consumer   market  with  population more  than 300  million  people.

 Amirabad S.E.Z  Port as one  of the symbols  of  Iran orientation   to cargo  transit and  creation  of  basic transport   infrastructure in order  to achieve  global  standards  and use of maximum  transit  capacity   plays  an important  role   in the north of country including    foreign   currency  earning,   employment, attraction  of  foreign and domestic  investment,  , increasing   the  role of  Islamic  Republic  of Iran  in  Caspian  Sea     and   creation  of  transit corridor.


 The construction  of this modern  big port complex began in 1996,Because  of its   potential  abilities  and numerous  facilities. This  port has been  approved  as  a Special  Economic  Zone in 1997 by  the secretariat  of  free zone high  council. After five years of efforts,   the first sign of a large port realized  and   the emergency phase of  the port was  inaugurated  by  Dr.Dadman (Late minister  of road & transportation) in  Apr.2001.