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Amirabad Port set to enhance its status among Iranian ports

Amirabad Port set to enhance its status among Iranian ports
Amirabad is a medium port located in northern Iran bordering Caspian Sea.

It is among three major ports at north with ports of Anzali and Noshahr. The philosophy behind the construction of the port nearly a decade ago was providing facilities for transit of cargo from South of the country into Russia ports and then into Europe. Although the previous plan to activate North-South Corridor connecting Indian ports to Russia via Iranian ports did not come to favorable result, this port continued to become among major ports in the north. Over the years, it has built up a status among Iranian major ports attracting private sector investment.

Deputy Director General for the Port & Maritime Operation of the port asserted in a Safety & Firefighting Seminar that Amirabad is seeking to deploy modern equipment to improve port services. The port, he said, is also looking for executing plans to enhance its safety and protection of marine environment as a strategic and long-term objective.

Total volume of oil and non-oil cargo handled in Amirabad port last year amounted to 2.1 million tons. This figure demonstrates a 16-percent growth in its cargo trade. Some 612 ships called the port last year of which 462 ships were foreign and the other 157 flying Iranian flag.

Amirabad is a special economic zone providing special advantage to investors and cargo owners. This port is in competition with two other neighbors in the north namely: Anzali and Noshahr

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