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Amirabad port records an unprecedented growth

Amirabad port records an unprecedented growth
Amirabad port situated in the north of the country bordering Caspian Sea is one of 3 major northern ports of Iran.

This port has been constructed a decade ago with the aim of providing required infrastructure of cargo transit through Iranian soil to CIS countries and Northern Europe. Amirabad is well equipped with container facilities capable to meet cargo demands in terms of container export and import.

This year, the volume of cargo handling in this port shows an unprecedented record. Statistics demonstrate that the loading and discharge volume in Amirabad port grew by 30 percent hitting one million tons. Export of cargo accounted for this increase, port’s official said.

Mr. Naeimi, Amirabad’s Director General told that the port is planning to improve its records in cargo export. Referring to the record of 1 million tons in terms of cargo volume handled in this port during this year, he described this record unprecedented among Iranian northern ports. He also reiterated that this is indicative of the economic growth of Amirabad port. It is to be noted that Amirabad is Special Economic Zone with a good access to rail network and transportation infrastructure. Amirabad has a development plan in which enhancement of the port capacity is projected.

Amirabad’s Director General also pointed out the negotiations for reducing the port tariffs of rails transport saying that Amirabad port as an only port in the north of the country with access to rail network has attracted investments in rails network of the port and ro-ro berths.

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