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Frequently asked question

Where can we go to track the registration process of these types of vessels (ships , dhow, fishing boats, pleasure boats, jet ski, etc.)?
You must go to the Amirabad port registration and inspection department at the following address: Behshahr - Amir Abad Port - Old Guard Building - Fleet Registration Office - Mailbox 333 - Postal Code 48541-93555 Phone: +981134623508 and +981134512259 Fax: +981134623006
What is the meaning of Marine Casualty?
Casualty or a series of casualties related to marine operations happened to vessels, equipment and facilities resulted to any of the following factors:
• Mortality or serious injury to humans
• Loss of man (such as man over board)
• sinking, losing or abandon of the ship by crew
• Any severe damage to the ship led to destruction of the vessel or facilities and equipment.
• Collision, grounding, not under command of the ship
• Any damage to the external and internal structure of the vessel so that endanger the safety of herself or around vessels and the people.
• The actual or potential serious damage to the environment caused by damage to one or more ships or the consequence of accidental floating hazardous goods.
What is the purpose of the national plan to maritime search and rescue?
required Duties and instructions of all relevant organizations involved in maritime search and rescue operations. Two objectives are very important for the purpose of this plan includes Quick and reliable communication and training of human resources.
The Ports and Maritime Organization, acting on behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the Maritime Search and Rescue national plan and In the case of a marine casualty that results in human injury it will take all necessary steps to minimize its casualties and financial losses.
Where to go for delivery of arrival and departure documents of the ship?
You must go to the Marine Administration at the port control tower to deliver the arrival and departure documents of the ship.
1- How can we get activity permission in special economic zone to enjoy added value tax exemption?
• Send request to port manager
• Complete the relevant form in special economic zone documentary department
• Confirmation of applicant activity by supervisor and deliver required document to S.E.Z department to issue the activity permission
what is the purpose of 1550 maritime emergency service code in Amirabad port?
This code is considered to receive maritime emergency events.
What does it mean to create a sea tourism and search for rescue plan by the Ports and maritime Organization?
Regarding to growing number of sea tourism in the specific seasons, the main objectives of the plan is providing the suitable infrastructure for marine equipment and determining the scope of coverage and enhancing the level of maritime safety .
What is the task of the Marine Accident investigation Committee?
The task of the Marine Casualty investigation is to analyze and evaluate the causes of a marine casualty regardless of identifying the guilty or guilties of the accident, and only serves to prevent similar marine casualties in the future.
What is the purpose of the marine casualty investigation?
Finding the direct and indirect causes and factors in the occurrence of marine accidents , Learn lessons to prevent similar cases in the future and offer suggestions to increase the ships safety factor.
What are the lessons learned from marine accidents?
The results of a marine accident investigation and its occurrence factors are important for preventing similar accidents in the future.
What is the process of delivery of fresh water to the alongside ships?
Vessels that need fresh water should coordinate with their agent to complete the water application form and Follow the steps written in the form.
What to do to change the boat engine?
• Request of the owner and complete the relevant form
• Change the engine under the supervision and approval of the classification society
• Correct the document
• Payment of the fee
What documents are required to register a jet ski , pleasure, sporting and fishing boats?
• Applicant request
• Have at least 18 years for the applicant and provide identification documents for legal / natural persons
• Hand in documents including notarial documents or purchase invoices for ownership of the body and engine of the boat
• take a safety certificate from the classification society
• Payment the related fee