Monday May 29, 2023
PMO/Introduction/Mission and vision

Mission and vision

  • Construction, completion and development of the port infrastructure and super structure , port equipment and their operation
  • Full supervision of coastal affaire and prevention of unauthorized construction
  • Supervision of strict implementation of international marine communicational regulations
  • Planning and supervision of marine operations including arrival, departure, shifting of the ships
  • Registration and transfer of the ship, pleasure and fishing boats and implementation of Iran marine laws
  • Improve the safety of access shipping channel through continuous monitoring of navigational aid signs, dredging of channel and jetties , hydrography and making of new maps and inspection of commercial and fishing vessels.
  • Providing of marine search and rescue , issue of notice to mariners and navigational safety messages in Amirabad port area
  • Planning, implementation and development of marine environment protection through continuous monitoring of ships and neighboring facilities in the case of pollution in the region
  • High supervision of the entry and exit of cargo to the port, cargo loading and unloading in the warehouse and storage area
  • Providing, set and implementation of the port regulation and terminal operators contracts
  • Supervision on the collection of the port dues including loading, unloading, portrage, storage cost and other revenues based on P.M.O tariff
  • Set the policy, organize and improvement of activities procedures related to supply and excellence of human resources, issue of staff personnel verdict,
  • safety and work health protection, insurance and welfare of staff and maintenance expansion of green spaces
  • Organize and improve of executive procedure related to the budget forecasting, preparation and control , cost, revenue and financial and accounting systems, procurement and storage of official storage place
  • Research and development in port and marine affaires
  • Provide and set of next year plan and objectives and also long-term plans and their implementations
  • Investigating of agreement draft and investment contracts to submit to P.M.O
  • Participating in international conferences and assemblies related to ports and maritime organization
  • Promotion and development of e-services to customers , staff , and port electronic communications