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Ship pilotage services includes all operation of anchoring, navigation, berthing, departure, double banking and shifting of the ship that carry out by pilot. Based on paragraph 4 of article 3 of chapter 2 of the regulation of Ports and Maritime Organization (adopted in 1970), most important and sensitive duty of ship pilotage is the responsibility of the P.M.O pilotage area of the port includes four areas of anchorage, port access channel, basin and jetties.

specification of Pilotage area

specification of pilotage area is following:
• Anchorage geographical coordinates: 36 53N 53 23 E (depth 9 m)• Port access channel begins from fair way buoy• Basin is located after breakwater

Ship pilotage regulation

All commercial ships of any capacity must request a pilot from port traffic control on arrival to enter the port .
Required measures for alongside ships
1. master must ensure continuous communication to port traffic control at any time
2. master must carry out any movement with prior notice and permission from port traffic control
3. continuous monitoring of ropes and related equipment when the ship is alongside(at least once every two hours)
4. in the case of using of self-tensioning winches, master must ensure correct performance these equipment when the ship is alongside(at least once every 2 hours)
5. continuous lighting on main deck and cargo loading/unloading area
6. control entry /exit of persons to the ship as per to ISPS code requirements

ship pilotage conditions

ship pilotage conditions

Pilotage Regulation

1. Navigation :Based on art. 49&50 A-Viii of STCW convention 95 , the presence of the pilot does not relieve the responsibility of the master. Master and/or the officer in charge of the navigational watch shall co-operate closely with the pilot and maintain an accurate check on the ship’s position and movement.
2. Compensation: as per to art. 22 of chapter iv of Iran maritime law, Ports and Maritime organization is not liable for any damage caused by pilot.
3. Master legal responsibility: ad per to art.22 of chapter iv Iran maritime law , if the master does not accept pilot’s notifications or does not comply with traffic regulation and discipline ,the master will be responsible for any damage that would result from his actions and may condemned penalties according to art. 64 .

Pilotage tariff

According to table 3 of P.M.O tariff manual, the tariff of ship’s pilotage service(berthing &unberthing)is determined 25 cent/GT .

Pilotage operation in Amirabad port

Pilotage operation of Amirabad port has been delegated to the private sector – Persian Gulf ship pilotage company- in order to privatize the port activities resulted to better services to the customers. This company is aspecialized company in ship pilotage operation that perform ship pilotage services in Amirabad port.Harbour master supervise company’s activities and coordinate all pilotage operations. Pilotage service applicants can follow their request:
Harbour master office tel. : +981134512236
Harbour master office fax : +9811 34512236
Persian Gulf ship pilotage company tel. : +9811 34512610
Persian Gulf ship pilotage company fax : +981134623729

Amirabad port has been provided marine equipment to offer marine services to ships and enhancing the safety of berthing and unberthing operation as following table:

Towage services to ships

According to pilot’s opinion ,at least one tug boat is used in each operation. In arrival of ship, pilot coordinate to tug master for push/pull operation where the ship passing the breakwater. Based on rule of the port ,all ships are required to use tug boat as pilot opinion.

Determine the shipping agency

Ship’s agent should be introduced to the port prior to entering of the ship to the territorial water of I.R of Iran. Determination of ship’s agent is realized for following items:
• Pay the port dues
• Give services to the ship and crew
• Settle the shipped cargo
• Take responsibilities due to possible damage from ship to port facilities and marine environment
Note: introduction of shipping agency to the port is compulsory in normal and irregular condition and admission of ships is prohibited without shipping agency.

Ship’s agency and accept of relevant responsibilities

Shipping agency company shall introduce itself to port authority as a ship agent prior one week and submit all information of ship, cargo and certificates of legal, technical and insurance.
In the case of general cargo ship, shipping agency must attach cargo plan, stowage plan in addition to above-mentioned information.

Estimated time of arrival (E.T.A)

All ship masters must announce their E.T.A to Amirabad anchorage 24 hours before their arrival through port traffic control center.
Note: in the case of less than 24 hours sea voyage, master must announce E.T.A and cargo and ship information to port traffic control center.

Pass formalities of arrival ship

Ship agent shall coordinate to port affaire coordination center, custom and quarantine for passing of the ship that arrived in the anchorage.

Ship’s documents upon arrival

Ship agent or master must deliver following documents in accordance with FAL convention to marine service center:
1. General declaration
2. Cargo declaration/manifest
3. Crew list
4. Passenger list
5. International tonnage measurement certificate
6. Original port clearance of last port
7. Dangerous cargo manifest(if present)
8. Certificate of ship registry

Port clearance

Port clearance of ship is issued by marine service center. ship agency company must deliver following documents to issue of port clearance:
1. Cargo declaration/manifest
2. Crew list
3. Passenger list
4. Dangerous goods manifest(if present)
Marine service center issues port clearance of ship after getting of above-mentioned documents and confirmation of ship seaworthiness by P.S.C , port affaire coordination center and financial representative.

Port dues of ship

Immediately after departure of the ship, marine service center issues ship status statement including arrival &departure time, tug boat service, pilotage, fresh water delivery and other services rendered by port when the ship was alongside. These information will be send to the financial department in order to issue the port dues.


Immobilization permission is an authorization issued by harbor master following the master request to repair and immobilize of the ship in jetty or anchorage. It means that master cannot maneuver the ship in emergency situation. ship agent must attach the master request to immobilize the ship.
Harbour master doesn’t accept immobilize request, if the vessel needs to shift another jetty or loading/unloading will be finished less than 24 hours. If immobilization request does not create a problem for marine operation, the permission will be confirmed and will be recorded for next planning of other ships.
Therefore all shipping agency companies are required to inform all relevant issues in order to enhance the safety of marine operation.

Fresh water

All ships through their agents be able to get fresh waters and must coordinate before their arrival to the port. Based on available facilities, fresh water will be delivered to ships through water supply equipment. Regarding to number of ships in the anchorage fresh water supply is possible in anchorage area. Shipping agency companies must coordinate fresh water request through water request form.

Contact to marine service center

All customers can contact marine service center through following numbers:
Harbour master office:
Tel: +981134512236 , +981134512204
Fax: +981134512236