Sunday Jul 3, 2022

Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center

International maritime organization ratified international search and rescue convention to establish international coordinated system for search and rescue of distress people at sea in 1979, and forced in 1985. This convention has anticipated to organize maritime rescue coordination centers , coastal coordination and methods of neighboring countries to carry out search and rescue operation in joint region. Regarding to strategic position of our country and requirement of join to this convention establishment of maritime search & rescue coordination center is necessary to rescue distressed people at sea and search & rescue operation.

For this reason Amirabad maritime search and rescue coordination center with modern communication equipment is ready to offer maritime search & rescue services to distress vessels and medical advice to seafarers.

Amirabad MRCC carry out planning organization and coordination of maritime search & rescue operation in covered region with software & hardware facilities.

Contact number of Amirabad MRCC

Tel: +981134623511, +981134623501, +981124512233
Fax: +981134623501
Code of maritime distress service: 1550

Search and rescue vessel

Name of vessel:Naji-1
Net tonnage: 15 ton
Gross tonnage: 50 ton
Width: 4.70 m
Draft:2.5 m
L.O.A :19.10 m
Main engine power: 2*603 (HP)
Classification society: Asia
Communicational equipment: AIS, LRIT, DSC, VHF, SSB
Navigational aid equipment: Radar, GPS, Echo sounder , chart plotter, Gyro compass

Search  and  Rescue

Covered area of Amirabad M.R.C.C.

TCovered area of Amirabad M.R.C.C.