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Amirabad port projects inaugurated by the minister

Amirabad port projects inaugurated by the minister
Mister of Road and Urban Development a number of port projects with a value of 25 million USD.

These projects included a silo with a capacity of 25000 tons. An amount of 65 million USD has been invested for the construction of this silo. The fund for this projected has been procured by the private sector.

The investment of the private sector in port project has dramatically increased in recent year as the Iranian ports are ideal place for the investors. The Port and Maritime Organization (PMO) as the Maritime Administration of Iran has encouraged the investor in Iranian port by providing incentive packages to them in various areas especially in view of rules and regulations.

Amirabad is a port located at the North of the country bordering Caspian Sea. It has container and general and oil facilities. Development plan of Amirabad port is on the agenda of the PMO.

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