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Marine Pollution Combat Exercise carried out in Amirabad port

Marine Pollution Combat Exercise carried out in Amirabad port
Mr. Naeimi, Director General of Amirabad port said that this port conducted a marine pollution combat exercise in cooperation with other related organization and bodies.

He said that due to low costs of cargo transportation via sea and operation of ships carry cargo in Caspian Sea as well as the oil activities of oil platforms and offshore facilities and the responsibility of the Iranian government to comply with the provisions set out in the OPRC Convention to which Iran has become a party in 1997, conducting such an exercise was put on the agenda. The exercise carried out in 12 September 2012 in cooperation with other organizations involved in oil activities. He also summarized the main objectives of the exercise as: 

-         evaluation of the national marine pollution contingency plan

-         raising preparedness for combating possible marine pollution incidents in the region

-         enhancing the ability to give prompt response to marine incidents

-         providing required training to those involved in marine pollution activities

-         improving the marine incident report system

-         identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the local marine pollution combat system

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