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The operator of the Amirabad's second terminal to be determined

The operator of the Amirabad's second terminal to be determined
The call for the bid of the Amirabad second terminal will be released within the next month. With determination of the operator of this terminal, to the total number of the operators working in Amirabad port will become 3.

Director General of Amirabad port said that this bid is held due to an increase in the port's volume of loading and discharge of cargo in the port and the essentially to supply strategic equipment for the port.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Mr. Naimi said that a fruit packing company and a 400-ton warehouse will be inaugurated in Amirabad port within the next month. He added that these two projects have been funded and constructed by the private sector.
As regards to Amirabad's performance, Mr. Naimi said that in the first six-month period of the year, the port has experienced a growth of 46 percent." "Export cargo account for more than 50% of the total performance of the port" Director General added.
Mr. Naimi added that with the annexation of 60 ha to the port, the port's back up areas would amount to 2120 ha.

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