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Amirabad port authority ranked first among governmental bodies

Amirabad port authority ranked first among governmental bodies
Shahid Rajaee Festival is held annually to recognize the most successful governmental body with the best performance all across the country.

The festival holders have a number of criteria against which every attending governmental body is assessed. Amirabad port authority ranked first for the second executive year in Shahid Rajaee Festival in Gilan province.

Mr. Naimi, Director General of Amirabad port said that Amirabad port authority was ranked among the ten top governmental body on the basis of general and special indices of the festival. He also added that among the criteria were: establishment of the infrastructures for realization of e-government, providing quality services to the local residents and port customers, promoting human resources capabilities, healthy administrative system.

He went on to say the special criteria were: attraction of private sector’s investment, reducing waiting time of ships in the port.

Amirabad is a multipurpose port located in the north of the country bordering Caspian Sea as one of the three major ports in the north along with Anzali and Noshahr.

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