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Amirabad Port capacity increases by 30%

Amirabad Port capacity increases by 30%
Director General of Amirabad port put the amount of cargo handled in the port in the first two months of the Iranian calendar year at 620 thousand tons.

He added that is figure shows a growth of one percent compared to the same period last year. Amirabad is one the major Iranian ports located in the north of the country bordering Caspian Sea.

Mr. Naimi said that 63% of the whole cargo handled was export and the remaining was import. He asserted that this volume of cargo in Amirabad port ranks first among the other northern ports of Iran (Anzali and Noshahr).

Amirabad’s performance last year amounted to 3.6 million tons recording a growth of 23% compared to two years ago. It is worth mentioning that Amirabad’s performance has tripled as of 2010.

As for the development plan of the port, Mr. Naimi said that the Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has approved finance worth $ 110 million for construction of 4 berths as well as dredging operation of the port’s basin. He went on to say that contractor for execution of the project has already been determined and it is expected that construction activities will initiate within the next few months.  With completion of this project as a part of the port’s development plan, the capacity of Amirabad port will increase by 30%. Amirabad is the biggest Iranian port bordering Caspian Sea and is potential to turn into the biggest economic site of Mazandaran province.

On the current project underway in the port, Amirabad Director General mentioned the port’s third silo with a total capacity of 54000 tons; the construction of which has been started one month ago. With the increase of the number of silos in Amirabad, it will turn into the grain hub of the northern Iran for the transit of this commodity from north to the south.

Director General of Amirabad port added that presently a sorting and packaging factory constructed by the private sector with an investment of $ 8 million is ready to be put into operation by the end of this month. This factory will be used for packaging and sorting of citrus fruits of Mazandaran province for the export to other littoral states of the Caspian Sea.

Another project to be inaugurated in the near future is two warhorses with a total area of 5000 squat meters which has been built by the private sector with an investment worth $ 30 million.

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