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Kazakhstan port officials and investors visit Amirabad port

Kazakhstan port officials and investors visit Amirabad port
[Kazakhstan port officials and investors visit Amirabad port]
The port officials and investors of Kazakhstan visited Amirabad port for the expansion of ties between Amirabad and the ports of Kazakhstan.

This visit comes in the wake of the cooperation of the Caspian littoral states in the framework of efforts of the Iranian chamber of commerce in December.

Reminding the importance of the effective relations between the ports of the Caspian Sea ports, Mr. Naimi, Director General of the port said that Amirabad has a vast potentials for foreign investment and added that the security of the investment and security as well as the standards of the port equipment is guaranteed in Amirabad.

Mr. Naimi pointed to the completion of the ro-ro berth next year and expressed hope that the project would increase the operational capacity of Amirabad. Referring to the port performance in terms of cargo loading and discharge, Amirabad’s director general said that Kazakhstan is among the port with the highest relation with the port.

In this visit the head of the Kazakhstani delegation noted that the Amirabad port has had a great growth in recent years adding that the situation of the ports mirrors the economic condition of a country. He also said that the modern equipment and obtaining international quality certificates in various field indicated the good performance of the Amirabad’s officials.


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