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Iranian and Kazakh Merchants and Officials Visit Amirabad Port Cubicle in Actau Exhibition

Iranian and Kazakh Merchants and Officials Visit Amirabad Port Cubicle in Actau Exhibition
The special exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the commercial Port of Actau in Kazakhstan was opened on Tuesday 22 July 2015, with the participation of relevant economic active parties, as well as a number of merchants and executives from the both countries mentioned above.

In this exhibition, some 16 cubicles have been dedicated for the Iranian northern Province of Mazandaran, and the Port of Amirabad as an active economic sector with a high influence at the regional level made use of that opportunity to present its current economic capacities and potentials with an eye on further cooperation with foreign investors and merchants, especially from the neighboring State of Kazakhstan.

The Director of Amirabad Port and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) announced that a number of Iranian and foreign officials and merchants had visited the cubicle designated to that sea port on the first day of the mentioned exhibition, and elaborated that after the opening ceremony, a large group including the economic delegation of Mazandaran Province (composed of the Province Governor, Head of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, and some merchants) and the Governor of Mangystau Region and the accompanying delegation were informed in details about the favorable capability of the above port for promoting economic transactions between the two countries.

Mr. Ali Khedmatgozar stated that Kazakhstan was one of the most important producers of grains in the world, especially wheat, while the Port of Amirabad was considered as a grain pilot in the north of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the most strategic location in the region for the transactions related to grains. It was also one of the main objectives of the exhibition to introduce the other potentials of that sea port and special economic zone, and promote the facilities and special conditions of the port for the growth of grain transactions with Kazakhstan.

The Director of Amirabad Port further mentioned that as a third-generation sea port, Amirabad could not only engage in wheat imports from Kazakhstan, but was also prepared to cooperate with investors and process wheat into other products within the above SEZ. He explained that some negotiations had been made so far with foreign entities interested in making investments, and any such efforts in regard to wheat imports and investing on production of related goods would be welcome within this special economic zone.

Pointing to the fact that presenting various port and maritime activities of Amirabad Port and SEZ, as well as the present infrastructures of that port complex were among the other objectives of holding that exhibition to attract investors, Mr. Khedmatgozar stated that cement was one major export good from Amirabad to Kazakhstan. This north eastern littoral State of the Caspian Sea had a high demand for agricultural equipment too, and that meant a huge economic opportunity for the Port of Amirabad and Mazandaran Province in general. On the other hand, Kazakhstan could be considered as a favorable opportunity for the flourish of markets for farm and orchard products from that province, and the facilities and potentials of the Port of Amirabad could provide for the promotion of commercial ties between the two countries.

The above mentioned exhibition will be held until 24 July 2015 in Actau, Kazakhstan.

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