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Export of 498 tons of goods from Amirabad Port in one day

Export of 498 tons of goods from Amirabad Port in one day
The manager of the Amirabad Port said that more than 498 tons of goods exported form the Amirabad Port to the ports of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in one day.

According to the public relations report of Amirabad Port; Mohammad Ali Asl Saeedipour stated that in the year of the jump in production and according to the facilities created in Amirabad Port in order to facilitate the export of non-oil goods, we are witnessing an increase in the number and type of export goods to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. 

He said 498 tons of goods such as washing powder, dishwashing liquid, welding electrodes and chipboard were loaded from the Amirabad Port to Turkmenbashi and Aktau ports.

The manager of Amirabad Port also announced the export of new and large shipments to Russia and expressed hope that with the increase in the variety of goods, we will see the growth of exports of goods to the countries of the region. 


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