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Eurasia; New export gateway from Iranian ports

Eurasia; New export gateway from Iranian ports
Director General of Amirabad Ports and Maritime office: Exports to Eurasian countries is the new gateway to neutralize sanctions on Iran's economy.

Regarding the country's export development strategies, especially through ports and also to the destinations of target countries, including Eurasia, Mohammad Ali Asl Saeedipoor stated that Eurasian countries are of great importance for our country and can be a new gateway to neutralize the effects of sanctions on Iran's economy.

Internal and external factors play a role in developing the country's exports through ports, including facilitating trade and export laws, reviewing customs tariffs and consolidating tariffs, reducing the number of authoritative devices involved in exports and facilitating foreign exchange allocation processes, Saeedipoor added.

Saeedipour further stressed the need to recommend and emphasize on the investment of economic actors in the country's ports, noting: Attracting private sector investment is one of the priorities of the Ports and Maritime Organization and Amirabad port. Due to the close economic competition in land and sea, appropriate tariffs should be considered to attract goods and ships, which is one of the most important factors affecting the development of exports.

Redesigning and reviewing the facilitation and acceleration of operational processes, along with providing the necessary facilities, will enable us to have proper activities in the field of exports and imports, especially to Eurasian countries, Director General of Amirabad Ports and Maritime office concluded.

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