Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

Investment in northern port of Iran


The study of the effect of structural barriers on investment attraction in Amirabad S.E.Z port

By: Dr. Zeynolabedin Rahmani and Kazem Salehi

Private sector investment can be a key factor in the economic growth and prosperity of the region and the province in addition to creating sustainable employment resulted to regional economic development. So find the problems and barriers to attracting investment can help to achieve this important goal.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of structural factors on investment attraction in the special economic zone of Amirabad S.E.Z port located in Behshahr, Mazandaran province. The statistical population of this research is the staff and managers of the Amirabad port in the field of investment, managers and staff of the headquarters related to the same field and active investors in the region about 100 people. The information was collected through documents, questionnaires and analyzed by Cronbach's alpha for questionnaire reliability Spearman and regression tests to examine the relationship between each of the research variables and using of Excel and SPSS software.

The results of the tests show that there is a meaningful relationship between all structural factors( including: government regulations, government permits and banking facilities, investment security, the existence of basic infrastructure and appropriate public services, environmental barriers, tariff barriers, inappropriate introduction of the special economic zone and its legal advantages) to attract private sector capital in the special economic zone of Amir Abad port.